Кто сильнее всех ненавидит Германию

Who hates Germany the most

Who hates Germany the most? Who does everything to harm her? Who did not and will not benefit her? Actually, one can name more people, but none of them hates Germany more than Angela Merkel and her beloved migrants, whom she loves much more than the indigenous people. Moreover, because of her policy, you might even think that she is a Germanophobe.

Her political actions fall under the term that I wrote about in one of my previous articles — internazi. Yes, she is an internazi. She harms the indigenous people to please the immigrant whom she loves so much. Due to its migration policy in Germany, crime has skyrocketed. Her beloved migrants commit many crimes — from murder and rape to planning acts of terrorism. But she does not care, she wants to have more.

She also claimed that Muslims and Islam are part of Germany. Interestingly, what does the indigenous population of Germany think about this? What do Germans think? I do not think that they are glad to her words. And also I’m sure that they do not agree with her. After all, for several years, Islamophobia has been actively growing in Germany. It is noteworthy that for her struggle with the indigenous population, the President of Israel even presented her with a presidential medal.

It is also interesting that those Germans who do not want to be killed or raped by migrants are persecuted by the authorities. They are called «Nazis», «fascists», «racists» and so on. The standard feature of inadequate left-wing politics. When they are justly criticized, then in response they begin to shout about fascism. There are already many different images on the Internet on this subject. They were created as jokes, but these jokes are not at all funny. After all, these «orphans Merkel» commit many crimes every day. In Germany, you can’t walk calmly without expecting to be attacked. But the migrants are happy. Thank you for this Angela Merkel.

If I were German and lived in Germany, then I would actively struggle with its policy. And of course, I would not vote for this monster with its terrible policy of internacism. Of course, I would support the Alternative für Deutschland — AfD party. After all, only Germanophobic garbage can support this Merkel. This is the end of my article, I hope you understand who hates Germany the most.

She hates you and wants to replace you with migrants

Russian version: Кто сильнее всех ненавидит Германию

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